Victory Baptist Church

Pastor Tim Fellure

4000 Avalon Blvd
Milton, FL 32583


The church in Pilar, Paraguay

Preaching our first Sunday in PILAR

Preaching our first Sunday in PILAR


The Church in San Lorenzo

The church of San Lorenzo

The church of San Lorenzo

Letter of Recommendation from Pastor Tim Fellure

Dear Pastor,
Our church is excited to be sending Bro. Mike Wilps and his family to Paraguay as missionaries. I am normally hesitant to lend my name to just anyone, but I recommend Bro. Wilps without reservation. He is a soul-winner and has a burning passion for the field God has called him to. Our church stands behind him 100%, and we hope you will have room in your mission budget to support him.
Bro. Mike is sent out of Victory Baptist Church; the church is serving as his mission board. If you have any questions about this man or would consider having him share his burden with your church, please call me anytime.
Together With God,
Tim Fellure, Pastor
Victory Baptist Church
Milton, FL

Letter of Recommendation from Manny Rodriguez Missionary to Puerto Rico

Dear Brethren,

It is a privilege to have friends in the ministry who inspire me with their love for God, passion for souls, and willingness to stand for the truth.  Bro. Mike Wilps is such a friend.  As a Missionary myself, I have had the oppurtunity to rub shoulders with many Missionaries from all over the world.  Though I appreciate and respect every one of them, I do not know many who exhibit more zeal as a soul-winner than this man.  His wife and children also share his enthusiasm for the work of God.

In three years, Bro. Mike and his family have already established two solid, soul-winning, Bible-believing, Independent, Baptist churches.  They have a vision to see more churches started.  Not only are souls being saved and churches being planted through the Wilps' ministry but what impresses me the most are the men being called to preach and surrendering to full time service.  Their Bible Institute currently has about ten men being trained for the Gospel ministry.  These men are also on fire for God as they are preaching on the streets and winning their own people to the Lord.  Bro. Nelson Gimenez is one of the national Pastors that Bro. Mike has trained.  This Paraguayan preacher is also a friend of mine and he is as solid a Bible-believer as they come. 

What God is doing through the Wilps family is exciting and encouraging to me personally, which is why I am happy to financially support them on a monthly basis.  Please consider the Wilps as your Missionaries to Paraguay, South America.  If you are interested in supporting some real Missionaries, called of God, and getting the job done, than you can't go wrong with this dear family. 

God bless,

Manny Rodriguez
Missionary to Puerto Rico
Jesus Saves!